Ebay Shopping: Taking Our Products Worldwide

ReSport began life as a small community project and has grown into a retail operation which underpins the great work that the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation does across Halton and the wider local community.

We now have our own ReSport Shop website selling brand new stock, as well as a small Facebook store which predominantly sells our donated items which are pre-owned but still in excellent condition.

Both of those avenues of sale have helped us to continue to build a community of people that are looking for a great product at an even better price, and the funds raised through local sales have been vital in helping the Charity to deliver its projects.

We felt that there was a further opportunity to expand the ReSport brand, by taking advantage of the Worldwide marketplace that exists on eBay, and having the ability to sell to customers in the US, Australia, Asia and across Europe is something that we must do if we want to continue to grow.

Ultimately, we look at it like this. The better sales figures achieved, the more community support we can provide through our Charity, the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation, as all our funds raised through ReSport go directly to CSF.

To check out our eBay offering, click the link below;


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