How To Donate Items

We’ve kept it really simple.

You can donate used and unused sportswear and sports equipment as follows;

  1. Take your items into a local school. Please take a look at our partner schools for Halton here.
  2. Take your items into ANY community centre in either Widnes or Runcorn. 
  3. Bring items directly to us at: Unit 11, Albert Square, Widnes, WA8 6JW (if not open, call 07958 430 525)
  4. We can also collect large bags of items from you if you are unable to get them to us.

You can also contact us via text, whatsapp, twitter or facebook.

We kindly request that anything donated be washed and cleaned before donation, to enable us to quickly sort and redistribute to those in need, without having the extra workload of laundering the items.

We also kindly request that all donated items are in a good condition so that they are fit for their original purpose.

What do we accept?

Anything that is sports or activity related!!

Please call and speak to us (07958 430 525). It would be great to hear from you.


Contact us with any questions;