Steps for correct use of Argan Oil Curl Cream

Steps for correct use of Argan Oil Curl Cream

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Steps for correct use of Argan Oil Curl Cream

After washing your hair, wet it. You can wring out the excess water, but do not towel or blow dry.

Use your fingertips to take an appropriate amount of curling cream, and then start to comb your hair in batches.

Start at the root and work down according to your natural curling pattern. You can put your fingers through the hair to ensure even distribution.

Once all your hair has been applied with curling cream, roll up your curls.

After rubbing the hair, let the hair dry naturally or blow-dry with a diffuser. Do not touch your hair when it is drying, otherwise it will cause frizz.

After the hair is dry, you can style it at will or use other products as needed.

You may need to use a wide-tooth comb instead of your fingers in step 3 to ensure that the product is evenly distributed. Finger combing will reduce hair damage, but if your hair is very thick or rough, you may need to use a comb to prevent tangles.

You can use curling cream every day, but unless your hair is very dry or damaged, you may not need it. The curling cream is usually heavier and can last for a day or two on the hair, and then needs to be reapplied.

If you do choose to use curling cream every day, make sure to wash your hair regularly to prevent curling products from accumulating.

Unless you overuse curling cream, it will not have any negative effects on your hair. If you use the product to smother your hair every day instead of washing off the cream, you may end up with product buildup and itchy or greasy hair. Fortunately, through responsible use, this situation is unlikely to happen.

Although most curling creams recommend using them for wet hair, curling creams can be used to rejuvenate and style dry hair. You can apply curling cream to completely dry hair, or spray a small amount of water first to increase the holding power of the product.

Yes, curling cream can be used for straightening hair. However, you should keep in mind that using curling cream on straight hair will not make it curl; instead, it will make it more textured or wavy and make it easier to curl with heat setting tools. If your straight hair is very fine or very fine, then curling cream may thicken your hair and make it look greasy or dull.

As most of us with curly hair know, it can take a lot of effort to control curly hair. The first step in taming wild locks is to create a routine suitable for curling. We have collected some of the best curly hair styling techniques for you to try.

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